Jollibee in Philippine Barong

Jollibee in Philippine Barong


Here’s another one of the most anticipated and hyped Funko Pop in Manila, it’s the Jollibee in Philippine Barong Pop! The Jollibee in Phillipine Barong Pop is a 2019 Philippine Independence Day Exclusive and you can only buy the Pop in Jollibee stores nationwide.
Let’s take a closer look at the Pop… The first thing that you’ll notice is what Jollibee is wearing… he’s wearing a barong.  A barong is at traditional embroidered formal shirt from the Philippines, and it’s also considered as the national dress of the Philippines.  The sculpt is completely new (well the body is new)… Same headsculpt as before. The Pop looks AWESOME! This is a must have for Pilipino Funko Pop collectors or Jollibee merch collectors. A really great piece! This pop looks great inside or outside the box.  You can check out the OOB 360 video below.

OOB 360 Video



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