Batman: Damned Funko Pop!

This is the Batman: Damned Funko Pop PX Previews Exclusive.

DC Comics recently released Batman Damned, which is a three-issue comic book series. Brian Azarello wrote the series and Lee Bermejo illustrated it. This particular series is somewhat dark, disturbing, and is targeted towards a more mature audience. In addition, it deals with the supernatural, featuring DC’s supernatural characters such as Spectre and Swamp Thing just to name a few. It is an awesome series; thus, we have here the Batman: Damned PX Previews Exclusive Funko Pop. Batman: Damned fans and Batman fans in general will be thrilled with this Batman Pop that is based on the Batman: Damned series. The Pop looks good with all its details. The sculpt is well done, too! Yes, it’s another Batman Pop, but this one is different and is worth having if you’re a Batman fan. Tin summary, it’s an awesome Pop! Take a look at this Batman Pop in the video below.

Unboxing and Review

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