Cultist Zenyatta – Blizzard Exclusive Funko Pop!

The Cultist Zenyatta – Blizzard Exclusive is one of my top 5 best pops of 2018! Why? Well… just look at the details of the pop! The stand alone is unique, then add the figure, it turns into an absolute badass of a figure! The sculpt is amazing, the details are amazing! This is how variant pops should be made. Not just a repaint of regular pops. If you like to collect OOB worthy figures, this should be on top of your list! If you’re an Overwatch fan then getting this pop is a no brainer, especialy if Zenyatta is your main hero. This pop is so awesome! Check out the OOB 360 video below.

OOB 360 Video


You can buy the Zenyatta Funko Pop! here:

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