Darna Funko Pop (Metallic and Regular) Comparison

Here is a comparison of the Metallic and regular Darna Funko Pops.

Darna is a female comic book super hero created by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Redondo. She is a deceased extraterrestrial super hero, who manifests herself in a woman from earth named, Narda. Narda, swallows a magic white stone and transforms into Darna. Furthermore, Darna fights forces of evil and defends those who cannot defend themselves. This year, Funko released a Funko Pop a year before the 80th anniversary of Darna. In this video, we showcase both the regular and metallic versions of the Darna Funko Pop. The sculpt of both figures are exactly the same. The only difference is, one is metallic, and the other is not. The metallic parts of the metallic Darna Pop are her costume. She is wearing her usual superhero costume. Moreover, she is wearing a red helmet with gold wings on her forehead, a red bikini with gold stars, as well as red and gold boots. Lastly, Darna, is in a standing action pose with her fists closed. Take a closer look at the two Darna Pops in our video below.

Unboxing, Review, and Comparison

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Metallic Version
Regular Version
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