Endeavor – Banpresto – Age of Heroes – My Hero Academia

We finally have it! The awesome figure that is hotter than Hellflame: the epic Endeavor!

Enji Todoroki is a character from the anime, My Hero Academia. He is more popularly known as Flame Hero: Endeavor, the Number Two Pro Hero. Endeavor’s quirk is Hellflame and is also Shoto Todoroki’s father. Furthermore, he is a driven man who is determined to surpass Al Might as the Number One Pro Hero. Nevertheless, he finally achieved his goal after All Might’s retirement. We have here the Endeavor Banpresto, Age of Heroes. Everything about this figure is awesome! For instance, the sculpt is absolutely amazing as seen with the flames on his body. However, it would have been nicer if the flames were translucent. Nevertheless, the figure still looks great. In addition, Banpresto did an exceptional job with the paint as usual. In conclusion, this is an amazing figure! Meanwhile, check out the unboxing and review video below.

Unboxing & Review

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Thank you Mainstream MNL for my Banpresto statue/figure (I bought it from them). Check out their store for awesome collectibles!

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