Freddy Funko X Ron English – NYCC 2019

Check out this awesome collaboration by the Godfather of Street Art, Ron English and Funko! The Freddy Funko X Ron English is an awesome figure!

Ron English is a contemporary artist who dabbles in brand imagery and advertising. He is dubbed as the Godfather of Street Art. Furthermore, he creates artworks that question consumer capitalism. He coined the term POPaganda to describe his mashup of cultural touchstones. Subsequently, he uses this to create original characters and make them into designer art toys. One of his most famous characters, MC Supersized, which was featured in the movie, Supersize Me. One of his trademarks is Grinnie, a character that looks like the famous smiley but with a wider grin, with most of the teeth and gums showing. We are big fans of Ron English and his works, and, we were so thrilled when we found out that he and Funko would be doing a collaboration for NYCC 2019. It wasn’t an easy feat getting this Freddy Funko x Ron English figure, but it was so worth it. When we first saw the figure, we thought that we just had to have it! It’s a cool figure because it’s Funko and a designer art toy in one. Check out this awesome collaboration in our video below.

Unboxing and Review

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