Funko Funatic PH Christmas Party 2018 Experience!

Here's a quick summary of what happened to the 2018 Funko Funatics PH Christmas Party!

Here’s a quick summary of what happened to the 2018 Funko Funatics PH Christmas Party!

*Just a side note, I wasn’t able to take lots of photos or videos because I was overwhelmed by everything that was happening during the event. I like living in the moment than capturing the moment.

Waiting In Line

We arrived at Fisher Mall at around 1:15pm… and as expected… there was already a line. *Hi friends!

While waiting in line, we got some freebies!

Pen and some sort of mobile phone accessory. I think you stick this at the back of your phone.

Making Fun: Story of Funko Poster signed by Mike Becker! I already got one from Toycon 2018 but a second one won’t hurt. I can put one in my office and one in my room.

One of our favorite retailers, Hobbiestock Collectibles gave out a new red reusable bag with a 100 peso discount card. Yey!

Pre-Party Games

*Sorry I forgot to take photos.

Bully Boy Collectibles Had a Plinko style booth where-in you can win different Pops.

I was lucky enough to win a Big Boy Pop! Thank you Bully Boy Collectibles!

Big Boys Toy Store had a Non-Beer Pong game. I’m not good at beer pong so I didn’t win anything. Thank you Big Boys Toy Store for your fun games!

There was also a Photo Booth sponsored by Hobbiestock Collectibles but the line was so long that my girlfriend and I weren’t able to get a photo. 🙁

Speaking of T-shirt… Here is the official Funko Funatic PH Christmas Party 2018 Shirt! It looks so cool!

It Translates to “Merry Christmas!” I love this shirt! One of my favorite Pop Tees!

After Getting the shirt we looked around the other parts of the area. Here’s the giant Freddy Funko Cake by The Bunny Baker.

Bao and Rainbow Brite for scale!

Custom Contest

There was also a custom contest. Great pieces by the contestants!

Here’s my entry in the custom contest.

The Villian from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Krang! The little Krang is removable. I will post an article and video process for my custom Krang soon!

Bring Me Game

While we were enjoying the games in different booths, the hosts were giving out free prizes in a “Bring Me” game.

My girlfriend won a Thundercats Vynl Fall Convention Exclusive by bringing an OOB Bao. #TeamOOB #OutOfBoxCollector!

Very nice Vynl 2-pack!

It was only the pre-show and we already got a some nice stuff!

Program Start

*Please excuse my photos, we were seated at the back and I had to digitally zoom my photos using my camera phone. Also, the venue was pretty dark.

Nikko Lim Came out first and said his opening remarks. *sorry no photo Then he introduced a special guest.

The Special guest…

THE CHAIRMAN OF FUN, MR. FUNKO HIMSELF, MIKE BECKER!!! We couldn’t believe that he really came in Manila!

He called the Prize Patrol after his cool story and welcome notes.

The Prize Patrol with Freddy Funko! *I think this was the 2nd time Freddy Funko came out… I didn’t have pics of the first one.

The Truth

Mike Becker introduced Brandon “The Truth” Vera!

The Truth sharing some cool and funny Funko Story on how he met Mike Becker. By the way he just won a championship fight the night before! He knocked his opponent out in 1 minute 24 seconds!

Custom Contest Winners

I was one of the 5 winners who was chosen!

I got a 10″ Target Exclusive Porg as a prize! Thank you Funko Funatic PH and Funko!


Jollibee Boss! They announced that they’ll have upcoming projects with Funko in 2019! They showed a teaser but it’s just the hat of Jollibee.

Jollibee and friends’ dance number. It’s always entertaining and fun to watch Jollibee and Friends dance.

There was also a dance off game with Jollibee. *sorry no photo

Funk-O Cereal Eating Contest

*Sorry no photo… There was a cereal eating contest! Our teammate from Team Rudolph won! RUDOLPH RUDOLPH!

Team Rudolph got this! A D-Con Exclusive Freddy Funko’s Cereal!

Charades Game

There was a charades game. Team Rudolph and Team Elf got a tie… both got 16 guesses. But since Team Elf haven’t won anything that night yet, our team, Team Rulolph gave them the prize.

Group Picture Taking

I don’t have a photo but I will share it on my Instagram account once I get permission to share. You can follow me at @oobcollector

Here is the group photo of the Funko Funatic PH!

Thank you @kenkoo.jpeg for the group photo! (Check out his Instagram account, he takes really great photos!)

Funko Surprize!

Mike Becker announced that they brought a surprise for everyone. The suprise was…

A Limited Edition 600 pcs Funko Funatic Philippines Gold Huckleberry Hound Pez! I’m very proud and happy PH Funatic to be an owner of this piece!

Another Suprise

They announced that Mike Becker will be having a meet and greet with each and every one of us!!! The best surprise! We can only choose one… a photo or a signature. I chose the photo.

Here I am with the Chairman of Fun… with my signed Mike Becker – Making Fun: The Story of Funko Poster and he’s holding my Krang Custom Pop!
I gave him my custom work as a way of saying thank you. I hope he likes it!

End Program

This is one of the best Christmas Parties that I’ve ever been to!  I’ve been to 5/6 major Funko Funatics PH event and this is by far the best one yet! Thank you Funko Funatic PH, Mike Becker, Nikko Lim and everyone who made this event possible!

We took home all of these cool stuff!

Thank you

Thank you to this amazing group of people who made the event possible.

Thank you @kenkoo.jpeg for the photo! (Check out his Instagram account, he takes really great photos!)

If it ain’t Funko…

It ain’t fun!

Tasty Treats..

Fun to eat!

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