Funko Mystery Minis Ad Icons Blind Box

It's another exciting unboxing for us as we open the Funko Mystery Minis Ad Icons box!

There’s certainly something about opening blind boxes that we find so exciting! That’s why we didn’t hesitate to get a whole box of the Funko Ad Icons Mystery Minis blind box. Unfortunately, we missed the chance of getting some Ad Icons Funko Pops in the past, so we thought that this is our chance to get those figures even if they’re just minis. One box comes with 12 figures. Furthermore, there are 15 characters included in this set, so you are not guaranteed to get all of them in just one box. In addition, the blind box comes with common, uncommon, rare, and super rare figures.

The common ones are 1/6 and 1/12 ratio. The 1/6 figures are Big Boy and Count Chocula. The 1/12 figures include, King Dingdong, Kool Aid Man, Frankenberry, Lucky the Leprechaun, and the Jolly Green Giant (a metallic and a regular one – the metallic is a Specialty Series version). Moreover, the uncommon ones are 1/24 and these are, Yummy Mummy, Mr. Owl, Twinkie the Kid, and Bazooka Joe. Boo Berry and Fruit Pie the Magician are rare ones and are 1/36. Lastly, the Super Rare ones are Fruit Brute and Sprout and they have a 1/72 ratio. Meanwhile, watch the video below to find out if we got lucky with our blind box!

Unboxing and Review

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