Good Luck Trolls Funko Pop Roundup

90's kids rejoice for the Trolls Funko Pops! are here! They are oozing with cuteness, they come in different colors, and the have real hair!

We have yet another awesome line from Funko! If you grew up in the 90’s, you’ll definitely agree with us when we say that Funko was banking on nostalgia when they made these Pops. They are just oozing with cuteness, plus, they have real hair! These good Luck Troll are just regular Pops and their colors include: Pink Troll, Teal Troll, Orange Troll, and Rainbow Troll. The Rainbow Troll’s hair is the color of the other trolls. The Pink and Orange Trolls have gems in their belly button according to their hair color, while the Rainbow and Teal Trolls have none. If you want to take a closer look the Trolls, please click on the video below.

Unboxing and Review


You can buy the Funko Pop! Good Luck Trolls here:

Rainbow troll – Buy it now on Amazon

Pink Troll – Buy it now on Amazon

Teal Troll – Buy it now on Amazon

Orange Troll – Buy it now on Amazon

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