Grishnakh – ECCC 2019 – Funko Pop!

Here's another ECCC 2019 Exclusive Funko Pop! Grishnakh from Lord of the Rings. Checkout our unboxing and review of this cool Funko Pop.


Here’s another ECCC 2019 Exclusive Pop! Grishnakh from Lord of the Rings. This is an odd choice from Funko, as this character from Lord of the Rings isn’t that popular. Also, it’s not green… well it has hints of green on his clothes… Anyway, if you’re wondering where this character is from, it’s from The Two Towers. The scene was the one where all of the orcs was hungry and tired after they captured Merry and Pippin.  He’s the orc that said “What about their legs, they don’t need those.”. You can watch the OOB 360 view of the pop below.

OOB 360 Video


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