Hitoshi Shinso Funko Pop – Gamestop Exclusive – My Hero Academia

Hitoshi Shinso - Funko Pop - Gamestop Exclusive from My Hero Academia.

The long list of MHA Funko Pops is now getting longer with this latest addition, the Hitsoshi Shinso Funko Pop. This Pop is a Gamestop Exclusive, however, we only got the one with the special edition sticker. It’s refreshing to see a new MHA Character being made by Funko. We’ve had a fair share of Deku and All Might Pops and we’re glad that Funko is focusing more on other characters as well. Hitoshi Shinso is also a student from UA High and he belongs to Class 1-C of the school’s General Department. The Pop shows Shinso in his UA High gym attire. This Pop looks so good and the first thing you’ll notice is the awesome color and sculpt of his hair. The unboxing and review of this Pop is now up on YouTube and you can watch it at the video below.

Unboxing and Review

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