Itachi Uchiha Banpresto Vibration Stars – Naruto Shippuden

Here is another great addition to Banpresto's Vibration Stars line - Itachi Uchiha!

Here is another character from Naruto Shippuden who is joining the Banpresto Vibration Stars line – Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke‘s brother is a great addition to the Naruto line of Banpresto. The figure looks great from head to toe. You can see his hair, tied in a ponytail and peeking from the side of his high collar. His face is in a serious expression and he looks as if he is about to attack. Even his Konoha forehead protector looks good. His Akatsuki cloak is well sculpted and it looks as if it’s being blown by the wind. Furthermore, they even painted the details on his cloak very well. Banpresto also did a good job in adding details like his necklace, his Akatsuki ring, and even his nail polish. Lastly, the figure stands 9 inches from his feet to the top of his head. Check out our unboxing and review of Itachi in the video below.

Unboxing and Review


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