Jolibee & Hetty Spaghetti Funko Pop! 2-pack

Bring out the Chickenjoy because here is the Jollibee and Hetty 2-pack Funko Pop!

One of our favorite local Ad Icons is back with another Funko Pop. However, this time, he comes with a friend. We are so thrilled to have the Jollibee and Hetty Spaghetti 2-pack Funko Pop. This set had a midnight release and we were the first and second in line! We get to see a new version of the Jollibee Pop because he is now holding a bucket of Chickenjoy. Hetty Spaghetti is in her modern version, wearing a cheerleader uniform. Her hair is the same as her classic version, color yellow, curly, and with hotdog slices. The Pops also come with a board that looks like the Jollitown background, perfect for toy photography! Check out this adorable Jollibee and Hetty 2-pack at the video below.

Unboxing and Review

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