LeMillion (Mirio Togata) from My Hero Academia – Amazing Heroes – Banpresto


Here’s another Banpresto figure from My hero Academia, but this time, it’s Pro-Hero in training who aims to save a million people, Lemillion! We previously featured the Age of Heroes version of Lemillion, which shows Mirio togata in a standing pose. This Amazing Heroes figure shows Lemillion in an action pose and it looks so awesome! He looks as if he’s about to kick an opponent in mid-air. The figure comes in several parts – the head, the torso, the legs, the cape, and the stand. You just have to put all of these together, and you’re done! It stands around 9 inches from the base to the head. Check out the awesomeness that is Lemillion in our unboxing and review video below.

Don’t miss out on this amazing LeMillion figure!

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