My Hero Academia Funko Pop Wave 2 Unboxing and Review

Here is the awesome Wave 2 of the My Hero Academia Funko Pops

More My Hero Academia Pops came our way and of course we had to unbox them. In this video, we have the Wave 2 of the MHA Pops. The Pops we unboxed in this wave include: the Hot Topic Exclusive Battle-Damaged Deku (this was included in the first wave but we weren’t able to included in our Wave 1 video) Weakend All Might, Shoto Todoroki, Deku in Training Attire, Tsuyu Asui or Froppy, Shota Aizawa (regular), Shota Aizawa (Hot Topic Exclusive), Deku in his new superhero costume (Hot Topic Exclusive). This Wave is still an awesome wave even if we got even more Deku and All Might figures. All of the figures look fantastic! Check out our unboxing and review video below.

Unboxing and Review

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Deku (Regular)
All Might (Weakened)
Deku (Gym)
Shota Aizawa (Regular)
Shota Aizawa – Hot Topic Exclusive
Deku (New Hero Costume)

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