NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2019 -Fall Convention Exclusive Hauls

Here are our NYCC 2019 (Fall Convention Exclusive) hauls.

One of our most awaited conventions of the year is the NYCC or New York Comic Con. Since we couldn’t make it to the actual event, our trusty local retailer, Big Boys Toy Store, brought the event here. Big Boys was able to bring most of the Pops released in the NYCC, except for a few. Avid Funko Funatics were already lining up in the venue at the wee hours of the morning just to get first dibs at the NYCC Exclusives. We had a lot of amazing hauls this year! To see these Pops up close, watch our unboxing and review of the NYCC Exclusives at the video below.

Unboxing and Review

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You can buy the NYCC Funko Pops! here:

My Hero Academia – Dabi, Fall Convention Exclusive
My Hero Academia Killer Stain 2019 NYCC Shared Exclusive
Overwatch – Toxic Wrecking Ball 6″ – Fall Convention Exclusive
Vampire Mr. Burns (NYCC 2019 Exc Sticker)
Iron Man with Infinity Gauntlet
Keith Harring – NYCC Exclusive
Missandei – NYCC 2019 Fall Convention Limited Edition Exclusive
Madame Maxime 6 Inch – NYCC Exclusive
Evil Groundskeeper Willie – Fall Convention Exclusive
Jay and Silent Bob – Bluntman and Chronic – Fall Convention Exclusive

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